Sunday, September 21, 2014

Yard-Sailing in Isere is sure harder then in Paris BUT I found stuff!

I had it pretty easy before, just go on the Paris subway and hit yard sales within a few minutes. Now that I moved, it's a bit more difficult since it generally mean going by car. I don't plan on doing that often but this morning, hubby didn't mind so we went.

20 minutes to go to the first, it was a small sale to help a village school. Nothing of interest sadly and it was quickly over.

Then another 20 minutes drive and then I hit some cool stuff!

A Biche de Bere necklace (need a bit of a clean but I have good success selling Biche de Bere designer jewelry).

Biche de bere necklace
Green Biche de Bere enameled necklace

A small lot of Playmobil fairies and mermaids with accessories.

playmobil in yard sale
Playmobil fairies

finding playmobil in yard sale
Playmobil mermaid

And, guess what, another good LPS!!!!  The collie dog #1262

rare littlest pet shop found at yard sale
Littlest Pet Shop 1262 Exclusive Nintendo DS

So all in all, even when including the gas and time, it was well worth it!

Now I just need to find time to list. Been quite busy between our move, kid's back to school, sport class etc...

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