Saturday, April 12, 2014

My First 2014 Yard Sale

It was a smallish one, in Paris, but I was there early and found a few lovely things that I might sell later on. I usually stick to what I am pretty sure I can sell, but this year I plan to enlarge my inventory and test new items. The expertise I'll get, even with the fails, will be helpful.

So I end up picking up two lovely vintage lamps, including a lovely wall sconce with a pink glass shade and one candle-like wall lamp/ I'll be targeting buyers who are looking for French shabby chic decor pieces.

I picked two unsigned brooches. Unsigned usually don't sell as well as signed pieces, BUT I figured a poodle and a owl might appeal to buyers. We'll see.

Also two lovely and quite large bowls. Not very old, but they are lovely if you need large café au lot bowls. I might keep these for personal use. And lastly, I bought a shell necklace for myself (I spend a big 1 euro for it!!).

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