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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Juicy Couture Taurus Charm Playmobil and Petshops

Yard sale season is slowly starting , but I have been quite busy so didn't attend that many yet unfortunately. I do hit eBay and small ads site daily tho to compensate and find stuff to flip. Here are some of my latest finds:

Yard sale find: Juicy Couture and more
An hard to find Playmobil set (Easter rabbits 4450), some cute Martine tin boxes (from a popular French book series), some Petshop, a Juicy Couture charm and a lovely art deco mirror
Juicy Couture Taurus Charm from 2006. Like new, very nice piece. Should be easy to sell.

art deco mirror

Friday, March 6, 2015

More French Brocante Finds Antique Haul

More goodies for your eyes only (because I may end up keeping all of it!).

This is some of the stuff I bought recently to flip... but it's difficult to part with such gems.

Among my favorites: an old shabby pink cast iron trivet, old candy tins with horses and hunting scenes. All 3 are identical (I am showing the different sides).

vintage canisters with hunt scenes
3 vintage canisters with hunt scenes, horses and hunting dogs

Also in this lot:
a beautiful old green glass pot (for fruits preserved in alcohol)
an old cafe au lait bowl
an enamel candle holder
2 old laquered powder boxes (one has the little feather brush inside)
2 aluminum coat racks
2 exquisite bronze (?) escutcheons

Next photo:

French antiques hauls
More French antiques I want to keep!

4 different and well detailed curtain tiebacks/hooks. I can use 2 of them in the living room. They are gilded bronze (or so I think, will need to research)
2 lovely cemetery (yes) flower vases/planters in cast aluminum
an art deco mirror tray
and an Art Deco glass box jar on mirror tray, it's so chic I just want to keep it

Art Deco glass box jar on mirror tray
I want!!