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Sunday, March 27, 2016

My eBay Hauls: Very Little Finds so Far This Year

It's such a slow start of the year that I haven't posted much yet (but that is going to change soon.... lots of huge community sales coming in the next few weeks, so fingers cross).

I went this morning to a medium size community sale and didn't find much. Some Littlest Pet Shop, a pair of My Little Pony G3 and 2 interesting necklace that should sell ok ( paid less then 4$ for the pair).

Ebay hole 2016
Easter eBay haul

The elephant necklace carved in bone might be an hassle to list on ebay because elephant and bone in the title will probably get me in trouble (even though that is not elephant ivory, eBay is very very trigger happy. I had one pulled a few years back. I'll need to get creative and avoid triggering the filters.)

Pretty elephant necklace carved in bone

The other necklace is very pretty and signed Ikita Paris.

I am looking forward to April. Next weekend I have 5 large sales to attend, and then the next two weekends I'll be in Paris and it looks like I'll need a real planning if I want to max out my time (lots of sales are already advertised, all over Paris)