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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

When in Doubt Buy Littlest Pet Shop Dogs

Went to 2 yard sales on Sunday and boy it was bad. One of them was quite large and labeled as "yard sale, craft fair and antiques".... it was a very junky sale with stuff that looked stolen and scraps sellers. As for the craft part, unless old dusty velvet paintings can be labeled as craft, I'm still looking.  I was expecting pottery, glass and jewelry from local artisans. Very very disappointing.

I went there by train and tram so I was lucky to stumbled upon some LPS dogs to pay for all my fees. Great Dane 817 should pay all expense and leave me with a tiny profit.

So once again these Littlest Pet Shop saved the day.

You know the feeling: you've traveled  a while to reach a yard sale or two only to find junk and useless stuff. You are feeling pressed to at least cover your gas/transportation and end up picking anything that you think can sell. But often all this does is adding to your daily bill and junk pile you can't sell. Been there done that. Now if I find LPS at a bad sale, I take them or some of them. Usually, a single good one covers my fees (train, gas or subway). Look for dogs and cats. Even better, familiarize yourself with the good ones or make a list and bring it with you.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Yard-Sailing in Isere is sure harder then in Paris BUT I found stuff!

I had it pretty easy before, just go on the Paris subway and hit yard sales within a few minutes. Now that I moved, it's a bit more difficult since it generally mean going by car. I don't plan on doing that often but this morning, hubby didn't mind so we went.

20 minutes to go to the first, it was a small sale to help a village school. Nothing of interest sadly and it was quickly over.

Then another 20 minutes drive and then I hit some cool stuff!

A Biche de Bere necklace (need a bit of a clean but I have good success selling Biche de Bere designer jewelry).

Biche de bere necklace
Green Biche de Bere enameled necklace

A small lot of Playmobil fairies and mermaids with accessories.

playmobil in yard sale
Playmobil fairies

finding playmobil in yard sale
Playmobil mermaid

And, guess what, another good LPS!!!!  The collie dog #1262

rare littlest pet shop found at yard sale
Littlest Pet Shop 1262 Exclusive Nintendo DS

So all in all, even when including the gas and time, it was well worth it!

Now I just need to find time to list. Been quite busy between our move, kid's back to school, sport class etc...

Friday, September 19, 2014

Expensive and Rare Littlest Petshop Dachshund and Collie Found at Yard Sale

Oh yes! Last Sunday I went to 2 yard sales on my way to our picnic and boy am I glad my husband didn't mind stopping and waiting for me.....

Found some clothes for the kids (they seem to grow too fast!) but that's the boring part. Here comes the fun finds:

A nice Harry Potter officially licensed duvet cover with matching pillow. Featuring Harry and his beloved Owl Hedwig. I might keep it for my son or may sell. Haven't decided yet.

yard sale finds for ebay
Harry Potter bed sheets

A lovely Fairy from Amy Brown's Fairy Divas collection. It's an ornament, you can hang it. I got it with its base. All of it with the original boxes.

yard sale finds for ebay
Lovely green fairy

And..... My dose of good money making Littlest Petshop. I bought about a dozen of them (some I was unfamiliar with so at 50 cents each I had nothing to loose). Among those I picked knowing their value:  #893 (collie dog) and a Dachshund #518. Upon checking some of the others when I went home, I found that the basset dog (#1785) is also a great find! The others I will need to look up.

Littlest Petshop find at yard sale
My Littlest Petshop finds

As you can see from the completed listings below, these three LPS amount for a nice potential profit:

Littlest Petshop Dachshund #518
Littlest Petshop Collie #893
Basset Dog #1785

 They are not the rarest dogs, but they are still an easy profit!

Monday, September 8, 2014

8 Xena Warrior Princess T-Shirts

It's back to school time and here in France September also rhymes with yard sales. After a slow summer (very very few yard sales in July and August because everyone is on holidays) I was looking forward to hit a few.

I went to a small one near Grenoble and although it was certainly not the best ever I did manage to find 8 Xena The Warrior Princess t-shirts (including some convention ones), a 2002 The Cranberries t-shirt from the "Wake up and smell the coffee" tour as well as the last 3 Harry Potter movies on DVD.

I'll will sell the t-shirts (paid 3$ each) and the movies were for my son. It took me exactly 1 year to complete his used Harry Potter collection. It was challenging. Although I hit many yard sales in a year I always ran across the first 3 or 4 episodes. I was this close to give up and buy the remaining Harry Potter movies on Amazon.

Still, I hope next week will be more profitable. It's been a while I haven't found decent Littlest Petshop (can you believe, there was not a single Petshop, not a single one, at this yard sale?)

Rare Xena t-shirt
Xena t-shirts and The Cranberries Tour t-shirt