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Friday, December 11, 2015

Things I sold I Wish I Could Have Kept Part 1

Vintage Mid-century modern ceramic wall plaque Girl Head Aqua Hair Pink Lips FAB

I sold this fabulous piece in October 2014. I had it for a while and could have kept it. But we were living in an apartment and I couldn't find a place where it fitted nicely. I hang to it anyway, for my future home. But eventually I decided to list it. No point in hanging to stuff just in the hope you'll find some room in your next house/apartment.

 I bought this piece on ebay France and flipped it on eBay.com. It wasn't cheap but I was positive I could easily flipped it. And I did. I paid close to 40$ and sold for 90$ + shipping. A nice and easy flip, but when I look at it I wish I could have it back.

Does it happen to you too? Sold things you wish you have kept?

My beautiful Mid Century Wall Plaque

Made in West Germany Mid Century modern Decor