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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

See you in 2015 for more eBay hauls and garage sale finds! May 2015 bring you joy and prosperity!

"Bonne Annee" Vintage French New Year Postcard
Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Buying Stuff on eBay to Flip on eBay

I still do that, buying things on eBay to flip on eBay. It's a viable option if for some reason you have limited access to yard sales or charity shops. Make sure you use different ID's. Even if you are not reselling, it's best to have a buying ID and a selling ID. That's a way to protect your selling id from any kind of retaliations. I never had any problems on eBay as a seller or a buyer, but I know many who had.

Since it's now dead season for yard sales, I am taking time each day to browse listing and see what I can snatch. I also hit the local small ads and a few other online marketplaces.

Here's 3 lots I bought this week.

The first one is a rare Playmobil set (no picture yet I need to pick it up from the post office): it's the always popular Snow White Fairy tale set (Playmobil 4211). Mine is complete with box and background scene.

Second is a Littlest Pet Shop lot with some houses. I don't care much for the houses and accessories, they will be sold locally. I bought this lot specially for Great Dane #577. I sold it within 12 hours of listing, for $45. I paid $20 for the entire lot. My money is made already on that lot and I still have all the other figurines to sell!

flipping LPS on eBay
Thank You Great Dane!

Here's another nice lot I bought on eBay: 32 Pet Shop, paid a total of $44 for them. But as you can see, there are many good ones in the lot. Including collie 1676, Dachshund 640 and Siamese 1116.

Rare Littlest Pet Shop
Easy money with LPS!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Little Potpourri of My Latest Finds

Here's a quick "here's what I found" in the last 10 days or so. Some comes from community sales and some have been bought on ebay.

Three, yes three! Biche de Bere necklaces. Not her most spectacular, but still very pretty. Some more Littlest Pet Shop (no real rare and hard to find but I do sell the cheapest ones too. I offer a flat shipping rate for the LPS, so either 1 or 20 will be a flat fee for shipping so people tend to buy more then one. Keeping a good selection in store is the way to go. A mint in box lego set, a Playmobil wolf knight with some accessories. An old marzipan or chocolate mold shaped like a pig, 2 official Monster High tees and an old French madeleines mold.

yard sale finds

Monday, December 8, 2014

Antique Cabinet Photo Little Girl With Big Eyes In Bird Nest

Cute is all I have to say. This pretty antique cabinet photo sold for 30$. I paid less than 10$ for it.

I do buy a lot of vintage and antique photos and I find it easy to turn a profit with these. I am getting better and better at spotting the "good" ones: interesting topic, popular and cute pictures. I buy in lots but I also buy single photos at auction when I am pretty sure I can flip them. This one was a flip. It wasn't part of a larger lot, I bought it because i knew I could sell it for more.

Old photos that sell well for me: gay interest, cute babies and kids, weird and bizarre topic. So next time you see a bunch of old dusty photos at yard sale, take a peek, you never know! Look for cuteness, kids with animals (dogs and cats do well), kids with antique toys and dolls, war photos, anything that can appeal to the gay crowd (shirtless guys, guys holding hands or close together. See this one, I sold it last year: Antique Photo of a Young Adonis Man Posing Shirtless ). Also picture depicting vintage cars can find a new home easily.

Cute photos do sell on ebay!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Another Score on a Craigslist-like Website

Another day another great score. Mint in Box Littlest Petshop 2009 Exclusive Around the World Africa set.

Yes MIB, perfect, new and clean as a baby!

I did pay more then I did with the MIB #1542 Collie (see here), but at 38$ it's still a great deal and future flip.

Very happy.

Now excuse me while I go browse small ads some more!

Exclusive 2009 Littlest Pet Shop Around the World (Africa) 12 Collector's Pets