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Friday, December 11, 2015

Things I sold I Wish I Could Have Kept Part 1

Vintage Mid-century modern ceramic wall plaque Girl Head Aqua Hair Pink Lips FAB

I sold this fabulous piece in October 2014. I had it for a while and could have kept it. But we were living in an apartment and I couldn't find a place where it fitted nicely. I hang to it anyway, for my future home. But eventually I decided to list it. No point in hanging to stuff just in the hope you'll find some room in your next house/apartment.

 I bought this piece on ebay France and flipped it on eBay.com. It wasn't cheap but I was positive I could easily flipped it. And I did. I paid close to 40$ and sold for 90$ + shipping. A nice and easy flip, but when I look at it I wish I could have it back.

Does it happen to you too? Sold things you wish you have kept?

My beautiful Mid Century Wall Plaque

Made in West Germany Mid Century modern Decor

Thursday, November 26, 2015

One of my Best Sale was Found in the Recycle Bin

Been looking at some of my sales from the last 12 months and my favorite is also one that net me the best profit.

I found this daguerreotype in the recycle bin along with other stuff (see here).

It sold for $180 plus shipping.

antique daguerreotype on ebay
Antique French Tinted Daguerreotype of a Beautiful Woman  Wearing Gold Jewelry by Pillas in Paris France

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hello Kitty Ty Plush and My Little Pony

Not a great haul this Sunday, but I bought a lot of Ty Hello Kitty. They don't sell for a whole lot  but I got them very very cheap so that's fine. Also found many My Little Pony. Some Littlest Pet Shop but nothing good. One lady was selling hers 3 euros each..... so I pass because there was none that was worth paying that much.

I bough 6 exquisite French monogrammed linen hand / tea towels at a very decent price. Not sure if I'll sell or keep. Also some books for my son, although I usually manage to seel kid's French books on ebay. We'll see once he read them, I might flip them.

I bough yet another version of one of our favorite games: Ravensburger's Labyrinth. This one has a different game play, so we'll need to read the game rules. If you are not familiar with this board game, read this: Ravensburger Labyrinth Game Is Fun For The Whole Family


My weekend haul

Hello Kitty, large and small, from Ty

Monday, November 16, 2015

Toy Sales Season: Time to Make Stock for eBay

It has started here where I live: the used toys community sales. Schools, churches and other organizations run community sales exclusively reserved to selling toys, kids/baby clothes and other child-related products.

This is the perfect time to buy up toys and games to stock my store for the Christmas buying season. Although I only have about 3 weeks left before it’s too late for US buyers to buy Christmas gifts from my store (airmail from Europe to the USA can now take a good 3 weeks), whatever is left will sell later on. Toys sell all year long.

So I got a lot of nice toys this weekend, including some Littlest Pet Shop. Yes, they still sell despite the fact that eBay is overrun by fake LPS from China. I also bought some My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, ELC sets and Playmobils. Not shown are some jewelry and a pair of Birkenstock shoes. I was also lucky to find a few Lego Fabuland. These I don't find often and they sell very, very well, so I pick them out whenever I see them.

I did very well, and feel that I got some great deals, and overall I should make a nice profit. I am looking forward to more toys sales this week. Now of course I just need more time to list, list, list!

Here is a preview of my haul:

Ebay Toys Haul
Ebay Toys Haul

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Yes You Can Make Profit by Breaking up New in Box Products

Approximately 18 months ago I bought a mint in box Harry Potter porcelain breakfast set by Johnson Brothers. It was heavy, expensive to ship, and it did sit in my store for months and months and months. I listed it as a MIB set. The shipping on this was crazy, so as months go by, I kept lowering my price.

Then I decided to open the box, and list the 3 porcelain pieces seperatly. 1 mug, 1 bowl and 1 plate.
All sold within 3 months. And I made more money because the shipping was not so bad so people were actually interested. I sold everything for $50 (paid 10$).

I am not saying you should do this on every MIB products you come around. most of the time, MIB is going to be worth more as is than if you open up and sell the products all by themselves seperatly. But sometimes it does make sense.

Harry Potter Johnson Bros Porcelain Set
Too heavy, too expensive to ship

Sunday, October 4, 2015

First Fall 2015 Yard Sale

It was a gorgeous day and I went to 3 community yard sales. Score a few neat things for ebay and a cute useful mug for me (that's the retro chick mug you can see on the first pic).

Found plenty of good Littlest Pet Shop, with accessories, some My Little Pony, a few things for my kids such as books, DVDs and a princess dress (these are not pictured).

fall 2015 ebay haul
Fall 2015 eBay haul

I also picked some t-shirts: Abercrombie & Fitch, IKKS, Tintin, MLP. I want to try and sell clothes, mainly tee-shirts. These are easier to list and measures. Although I have been selling a lot of clothes when I started on ebay over 15 years ago, it's been a while I haven't really looked into it.

Also found a super cute vintage tin box depicting cats and dog, and a super yellow and blue metal horse show plaque. It's a beautiful plaque in bright colors and it is actually depicting an horse on it. many of these horse show plaques only have dates and name of the event. As for the tin box I use them around the house to sorts all kind of things, so if it doesn't sell I will keep it.

Littlest Pet Shop to sell on ebay
Some Littlest Pet Shop

French horse show plaque
Beautiful horse show plaque

vintage tin box with cats
Cats and dog vintage tin box

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Misspelled Brands on Craiglist Can equal Great Profit

When I browse small ads online, I always search for misspelling. My logic: if someone is looking to buy Petshops like I do to flip, they won't necessarily be searching for misspelled keywords. When I look for Petshop to flip, one of the keyword I use is "Petshups"(and a few others). Usually these ads have less views and it ups your chance to find some good lots.

That's what happened this weekend. I got two awesome Petshop lots, both ads were misspelled.
First seller had a complete set of "Around the World" Petshop (the first set) for $11 as well as a small accessories lot that included the cute Halloween black cat in a pumpkin for $4.50.

From another seller I got a mix toy lot with a complete Outdoor Adventure 2 set LPS, many Ponyville My Little Pony and some flocked Hello Kitty figurines. Seller gave me a super cute, large, Hello Kitty bubble bath container.

ebay flip misspelled titles
Small ads haul to flip on ebay
Also found 2 MIB MyScene dolls

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Summer 2015 eBay Haul

Yes I know it's a small haul, but I didn't do that many yard sales and community sales during our summer holidays.

We went all over France and I have been home very little, but on our journey to Limousin, Bretagne and Haute-Savoie I managed to convince the family to make a few stops for yard sales.

I bough a few LPS, including some Great Danes, a selection of crafts magazines (including ugly Christmas sweater patterns), a big box of use France stamps, on and off paper. Some vintage tin box (including a nice blur Suchard chocolate one), some clothes for the kids (not in the picture), a lovely set of unused French linen torchons (tea towels), a wooden basket with a nice patina, some Playmobil Castle parts, a Limoges Chambord chateau plate, a cute Victorian style photo album. Some were cheap, some were even free because one of the sale I attended was almost close when I got there and got things for free.

My summer yard sale haul

The Littlest Pet Shop are a sure profit maker and the rest was so cheap that I'll make money too. I may sell a few things locally, but most will be listed on ebay.

I hope everyone had a great summer and may the yard sale god be with you !!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Rare Littlest Petshop and Calico Critters Luxury Townhome + Accessories

Very good eBay haul this morning. Went to two community sales today. July 14th is Bastille day here and a national holiday.

My toys haul

My first biggy is the Calico Critters Luxury Townhome, filled (and I mean filled) with little accessories, figurines and furniture. And I almost walk by without asking the price because these are ALWAYS expensive even in garage sale. Glad I ask because it was 10 euros (about 12$) for everything!! I'll probably sell the empty house locally to avoid the packing and shipping of this big piece and will sell the rest in small lots.

Calico critters accessories lot
My lot of Calico critters accessories

My "I have no idea what this is but I am buying anyway and will check later" of the day is this set of fairies from Early Learning Center. It should sell, but I paid too much. I was unfamiliar with this line of toys and took a bet. Will make money, but not much. That's ok, I learned something.

ELC fairies
Fairies from Early Learning Center.

The Spider-Man 3 lunchbox was free, it contained all the little Calico critters accessories.

And of course my dose of Littlest Petshop!! Lots of them, good ones too! I paid a bit more then I usually do, but there are so many good and rare LPS in there that it was a no brainer. Some good cocker spaniel,  great Danes, collie, huskies.... Plus the timing was right, I sell so fast that it was about time I got some new ones to add to the store. The more you have, the more you sell. I offer free shipping on them, plus a discount for purchase over 25$. So even the cheap less rare Littlest Petshop sells.

Good old LPS!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Small But Easy Profit: Today's eBay Haul and how to clean Petshops

Nothing that big in today's haul but all money makers and pretty easy to ship (except for the mugs that requires a bit more packing work).

I have a lot of Petshops including some accessories. Some of the LPS are good money maker, and even the cheaper ones eventually sell.

I will need to clean some of them, water is an enemy because they have a metal spring in the neck to make the bobble-head and kids like to play with them in the water. When they do you end up with rusty neck. How do I clean rusty Littlest Petshop necks: lemon juice mixed with salt. Works great and doesn't affect the colors and paint like chemicals will do. Just make sure the lemon juice is pure and doesn't contain water. For the overall stains and occasional marks, usually a magic eraser will do the job. You can buy cheap ones on Amazon here (affiliate link). The cheap ones don't last as long as the name brands but they are as effective.

I also found a bunch of Fisher Price Little Peoples as well as an Elena picnic set complete (also by FP).

Bought some clothes for the kids and I . They may or may not end up on ebay. Will see. These aren't in the picture.

My daily haul

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Red Cross Charity Sale New With Tag High End Brand Part Two

Well I went back to the Red Cross sale in the afternoon. I wasn't expecting to find anything this late, but there was some good stuff left. I bought some more Catimini pieces, 2 pair of NWT jeans (Levi's and Tommy Hilfiger) and a few other pieces. So between the morning haul and this one, each pieces ended up costing me $3.50 per piece.

Very very happy!

Here's todays haul part two:

More NWT stuff

Red Cross Charity Sale New With Tag High End Brand

That's my week for the unexpected finds (see Sunday's post). This morning I walk pass my local Red Cross shop and they were having a special sale. It was not their regular used second hand stuff but rather all NWT clothing and accessories. I spend 40$ (5$ a piece) which may sound like a lot but it's not. I could have bought more and may go back later today and see if they have put some other things for sale.

I found some sweet Catimini pieces, an high end French brand of clothing. All new with tags. I only bought sizes my kids can use, so if I don't sell them (or feel like keeping them) it won't be lost!

Here's today's haul:

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Free Stuff I sold on eBay

I love Cyrillus, an high end French boutique for clothes and home accessories. They have lovely fashion for the kids, so whenever they ran some sales I do buy there. They have a reward system (point based) and you can turn your points into some goodies. They also have special offers where they'll send you a gift when you spend a pre-set amount of money.

Last spring I got two free gifts after I placed an order and sold both on ebay.

These cute bowls sold for 35$ (free shipping)

Cyrillus porcelain bowls
Cyrillus cute pastel porcelain bowls

And this set of cosmetic bags sold for 12$ (free shipping)

Cyrillus cosmetic bag
Cyrillus cosmetic bags

Once I take out the shipping cost, I have 30$ left, not too bad for stuff I got for free.

More free things to sell on ebay

Sunday, June 14, 2015

An Unexpected Yard Sale

It was unexpected. The kids and I went downtown because there was a cycling race and a few small attractions for kids. And there was also some people selling stuff. It was advertise as a craft/handmade fair, but there was quite a few people selling stuff from their home.

I score some good Littlest Petshop including 2 collies, 1 dachshund and 1 great Dane! Paid 1$ each. The others are ok too and I have good success selling the cheaper LPS.

Also bought a fun pair of Mustang clogs with flower print upper. And a cute wooden necklace, very colorful. I'll try selling it and if it doesn't sell, I'll keep! Also some little people animals, not a huge profit but they do sell. I usually wait until I have a few to make small lots.

Rare Littlest Petshop from yard sale

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Hairless Playmobil Littlest Petshop with Accessories Books and More

This weekend ebay Haul includes a nice set of Playmobil Bunny at School, some decent Littlest Petshop with accessories, a My Little Pony puzzle, some old mid 70's Playmobil figurines a Levi's t-shirt, a fun and cute magnetic doll set and an old coat rack, very sweet.

Also bought some clothes for the kids and an amazing mint in box Crystal Growing kit (paid only 6$). I may sell it, or keep for my son. We'll see. Also 3 Nancy Drew books in French (I had those as a kid, trying to get a few more and test them on ebay).

Weekend's haul

old playmobil figurines
Hairless Playmobil!

Good, money money

Monday, June 1, 2015

By Bus Train and Tramway I went Yard Sailing

Last eBay haul from May 2015

Yep this weekend I went to Grenoble for some yard sales. Woke up early, took the bus then the tram once in Grenoble, and came back home by train. It was well worth the trip and cash I paid for public transports. I'll make a profit and not too bad either. Plus it's so fun, I can't wait for the next weekend.

My favorite find was this old tin box depicting jousting French knights. Lovely colors and theme (not to mention the fleur de lys that seems to be a popular iconographic image).

vintage tin box with knights
Vintage tin box with knights

Also found 3 Gothic puzzles (one mint in box), 1000 and 1500 pieces, 2 from Victoria Frances art pieces. Pretty Gothic girls are still in demands. paid $12 for the lot of 3.

Some pink leather (yay!!) Timberland boots and cute vintage clips for curtains .

pink leather Timberland boots
Pink Timberlands

And guess what, more Petshop figurines and one big house. I never buy the houses because usually they are too expensive or annoying to ship but this one was very cheap. Paid 6$ for the house and 6 pets (including one of the expensive Great Dane). So cashling cashling!!! Will sell the pets on ebay and the house locally. Also found a bunch of other petshops during the weekend. People's price are all over the place. I saw someone trying to sell them for 2,50 each (I work that down to 3 for 5$ since there was a good great dane to be picked). By the end of the weekend, I ended up paying close to 1$ each, so that's the average price I pay when I know they are good sellers.

rare littlest petshops from yard sales
LPS Great Dane, Collie and more good ones

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Yard Sale Hauls from Paris

Spent a few days in Paris and took the opportunity to visit a few community sales. Most were a waste of time, but two of them were worth it.

Yard sales in Paris
My Paris haul, soon on ebay!

I found 2 pairs of Birkenstock sandals (they always sell well for me, although I may keep the grey pair for my son). Found some Timberland sandals in great shape, Palladium sneakers and a pair of what I believe to be fake Converse with London buildings print and clear soles.

Fake London Converse Shoes. Well made, but I'm almost certain these are counterfeit. Will be for my son unless I can be sure they are not fake Converse

My favorite find was a very politically incorrect (in today's world) tin can depicting African boys holding a tin of Bamboula ( Bamboula is a kind of drum as well as a kind of dance but the world is also use as a derogatory word for African people). I'm still unsure what it was, maybe a brand of cookies. I'll need to research a bit more.

boite ancienne bamboula
Racist and politically incorrect vintage tin can for Bamboula

Also found a bunch of Maple Town Story miniature furniture from Bandai, a Playmobil set, a vintage paper doll, some Petshop and loose Playmobil and cute elephant knive rests. I also pick a bunch of Paris Starbuck mugs.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Littlest Petshop Accessories Lots Sell Well

For a long time I pretty much ignored all Littlest Petshop accessories sold at garage sale. And it was a mistake. Lots of Petshop accessories do sell and considering how cheap you can get them at yard sale, you should start buying them.

I often turned down free accessories when buying LPS! That was so stupid. Many will give you one or two small accessories for free when you buy a petshop. Some will have cheap "junk" bag filled with them. Grad them if you can have them cheap and make little lots with them. Themed lots work great (such as food, bows, glasses etc). You can also make lots with random accessories, big or small.

Check ebay completetd listing to see what people are buying: Littlest Petshop Accessories Lots

Here are some I sold recently:

LPS Food and Treats Lot
LPS Food and Treats Lot

Littlest Petshop Cute Teddy Bears and Plush

small accessories lot

Littlest Petshop Large accessories lot
Larger accessories lot

Themed lot: doctor's office

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Fabulous Toys Find at my First Outdoor yard Sale of the Season

Sun and warm weather! It was fun to finally attend an outdoor sale, the first of the year. And it was a good one! really really good one.

I bought a bit lot of Playmobil, some littlest petshop (including a collie), a Monster High plush, a cool handbag that I will probably keep and some clothing for my daughter.

The Playmobil were the most interesting finds this time. I got LOAD and LOADS of them. I paid 38$ for all those Playmobil! Includes are some from the Victorian sets, Fairies, Princess, Forest, Mermaids. Also many older ones including the astronauts. Lots of horses, Indians, cowboys. Work ahead, but it will be fun. I plan on making some custom Playmobil sets, sell some parts alone, and make small unrelated lots.There was also many sets in boxes, but as you can guess I wasn't alone grabbing everything they could!

Here's a few picture of today's haul:

ebay haul 2015

My best 2015 yard sale haul so far

Big bag of Playmobil for sale

Big bag of Playmobil for sale. Photo just doesn't cut it, there are hundreds and hundreds of pieces in there!

Littlest Petshop at yard sale

Some Littlest Petshop

good yard sale finds

Some more Playmobil and a Monster High Draculaura's pet plush

Playmobil forest animals

Forest animals Playmobil

Cool bag I will keep!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Disney's Puzzles Littlest Petshop and Fisher Price Little People

Went to 2 yard sales this Sunday. The first was a waste of time mostly, but the second one was great. I score a bag of littlest Pet Shop and accessories for 6$, 3 Little People farm animals, 2 Disney Princess puzzles, some clothes for my daughter and a cool teen t-shirt with a vintage tattoo print on it.

Price were pretty low, lower then I usually pay for LPS so although I didn't score any biggies, the profit is there anyway. I never bother with LPS accessories before, but after checking eBay I realize they do sell, So I might do small lots of accessories such as bones, LPS food, LPS teddy bears etc.

Some of the Littlest Pet Shop

LPS, Disney and Fisher Price

Cutie long sleeve t-shirt with tattoo print

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Juicy Couture Taurus Charm Playmobil and Petshops

Yard sale season is slowly starting , but I have been quite busy so didn't attend that many yet unfortunately. I do hit eBay and small ads site daily tho to compensate and find stuff to flip. Here are some of my latest finds:

Yard sale find: Juicy Couture and more
An hard to find Playmobil set (Easter rabbits 4450), some cute Martine tin boxes (from a popular French book series), some Petshop, a Juicy Couture charm and a lovely art deco mirror
Juicy Couture Taurus Charm from 2006. Like new, very nice piece. Should be easy to sell.

art deco mirror