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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Yard Sale Hauls from Paris

Spent a few days in Paris and took the opportunity to visit a few community sales. Most were a waste of time, but two of them were worth it.

Yard sales in Paris
My Paris haul, soon on ebay!

I found 2 pairs of Birkenstock sandals (they always sell well for me, although I may keep the grey pair for my son). Found some Timberland sandals in great shape, Palladium sneakers and a pair of what I believe to be fake Converse with London buildings print and clear soles.

Fake London Converse Shoes. Well made, but I'm almost certain these are counterfeit. Will be for my son unless I can be sure they are not fake Converse

My favorite find was a very politically incorrect (in today's world) tin can depicting African boys holding a tin of Bamboula ( Bamboula is a kind of drum as well as a kind of dance but the world is also use as a derogatory word for African people). I'm still unsure what it was, maybe a brand of cookies. I'll need to research a bit more.

boite ancienne bamboula
Racist and politically incorrect vintage tin can for Bamboula

Also found a bunch of Maple Town Story miniature furniture from Bandai, a Playmobil set, a vintage paper doll, some Petshop and loose Playmobil and cute elephant knive rests. I also pick a bunch of Paris Starbuck mugs.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Littlest Petshop Accessories Lots Sell Well

For a long time I pretty much ignored all Littlest Petshop accessories sold at garage sale. And it was a mistake. Lots of Petshop accessories do sell and considering how cheap you can get them at yard sale, you should start buying them.

I often turned down free accessories when buying LPS! That was so stupid. Many will give you one or two small accessories for free when you buy a petshop. Some will have cheap "junk" bag filled with them. Grad them if you can have them cheap and make little lots with them. Themed lots work great (such as food, bows, glasses etc). You can also make lots with random accessories, big or small.

Check ebay completetd listing to see what people are buying: Littlest Petshop Accessories Lots

Here are some I sold recently:

LPS Food and Treats Lot
LPS Food and Treats Lot

Littlest Petshop Cute Teddy Bears and Plush

small accessories lot

Littlest Petshop Large accessories lot
Larger accessories lot

Themed lot: doctor's office