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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Treasure Hunting With The Kids

Hubby was away for the weekend so I did bring my kids "treasure hunting" (like they say) with me in Grenoble. We had a blast, except for my youngest one who kept telling "are you going to sell that mommy" despite me having explain not to say that. At least she didn't do it in front of people I was buying from. And it was not as bad as what my son did last year when he told a lady "my mom is going to sell that for a lot of profit"!!

Otherwise they were very nice and didn't ask for anything, nor did they complain!

I didn't find a lot of stuff and once I factor in the train the tram and the food for the 3 of us, profit will be hurting a bit (although the Disney bed sheets may save the day).

Total fees for the day were 50 euros (about 58$) + the price of what I bought. The LPS alone  covers everything and more (transportation, food, purchases and ebay /paypal fees).

Vintage Disney Bed Sheets
Vintage Snow White Bed Sheet, Vintage Disney Bed Sheet, LPS, Wicket Basket.. oh my!!

 My favorite find was the beautiful wicker basket! I am tempted to keep it, but I know it will sell well (I will most likely sell it locally). I paid less then 3$ for it! I also love my big glass jam jar. Will most likely keep it.

I am also looking forward to sell those vintage Disney bed sheets. Most likely from the 70's maybe even a bit earlier. One is Snow White and the other shows various Disney's character (Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Pluto etc) These will probably change my day from just ok profit to very very awesome!! And the "Around the World with Willy Fog" sheet? Pretty awesome and most likely rare but I am not sure if this show has a lot of fans. We shall see soon.

Around the World with Willy Fog bed sheet
Around the World with Willy Fog bed sheet

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Not Much Luck This Weekend At The Yard Sales

Worst ever yard sales I have ever come across. I'm not even sure I'll break even with the train/tram fees!

I went to 2 community sales yesterday. The first one was bad. Lots of cheap broken stuff. It was in a not so nice neighborhood, but still I was expecting at least a few decent toys.... nothing really unless broken sinks and faucets are your thing.

The second was not much better. Lots of clothes and baby stuff, but this is something I usually don't sell and a quick glance didn't make me want to buy. No good/fancy brands. lots of dirty stuff (seriously if you sell clothes at yard sale, wash them!!!)

At this time I was ready to come home empty handed and lighter of about 18$ in train/tram fees. It's part of the game, over the years I have always managed to come home with profit (most of the time a very nice one) or at least with enough to break even. Not this time, until I spotted the Playmobil carry away house. At the price (18$) any other day I would have pass, but this time I did not. I won't make much on it, but enough to at least cover a small % of my transportation fees. And the kids are allowed to play with it until I am ready to sell.

I plan to sell the empty house locally (I did sell one last year easily) and will list the parts and figures on eBay. I sold the last one for 10 euros (12$) and I should be able to get at least 20$ for the parts (selling them as replacement parts). Maybe a bit more.

Frankly not a good weekend, but it happens. I have enjoyed getting lost twice in Grenoble trying to find the right places! And I walk quite a bit, too bad I don't have a fitbit to keep track......

Playmobil carry away house
Playmobil saved the day...almost!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Back to School Season Means More Yard Sales

After a very very slow summer, with very few chances to hit yard sales, I was more than happy for the back to school season. It means weekends after weekends of community sales, school fund rising sales and other charity events.

2016 yard sale finds
My eBay Haul

This weekend wasn't the best but I did manage to find a few good things to resell. And all very cheap. 5 Euros (about 6$) for the near mint pink leather timberland boots, 4$ for the purple The Art Company sandals. Both brands usually sell well for me. The are among my favorite brands to resell. See my favorite shoe brands to sell on eBay here (we all have our own favorites, these are mine and they have always sell well for me).

I also found more Pinypon dolls/figurines (the lot came with Polly Pocket cats that I will list separately). They sell like hotcakes so I buy them anytime I find some (if the price is good). A set of 4 Australia Birds porcelain mugs. One sold immediately after I listed it and paid for the lot and more. The other 3 are pure profit. They don't go for much and will take time to sell but that's ok.

I cannot believe my luck, at the second yard sale I manage to find that absolutely gorgeous French Moustier porcelain salt box for only 6$. It's a nice one too with pastel colored birds butterflies and flowers. Very shabby chic. This one will most likely go on Etsy, although I may put it on eBay first and see how it goes. I also found a 70's Italian porcelain espresso set with big blue and yellow flowers on it.The large flower shop planter and the old French lemonade bottle were bought last year but I don't remember having posted about them. I also treated myself to a beautiful blue porcelain soap dish from Prague ceramic.

Antique French Moustier Salt Box
Moustier salt box

 Happy thrifting everyone!