Saturday, July 5, 2014

Help! It's Raining It's Pouring

And I have withdrawal symptoms! It's been two weeks I haven't hit a yard sale because of the weather. And I am now in a frantic state! Last weekend was so bad, it was pouring early in the morning, and by the time it cleared I had other plans (like finding an apartment for our September move... I'd rather go to a yard sale!!!)

And this morning again. It's pouring and tomorrow doesn't look so good either! I still cross my fingers for tomorrow just in case. Otherwise I may hit the Biffins (more about them here: on Monday, or a brocante but that will be with the kids so it's certainly not the best plan.

How about you? Do you have symptoms when you have been deprive of yard sales for too long?

Oh and here's a pic I took while hunting apartments. This is the church in Voiron. The roof is extraordinary don't you think?

Eglise de Voiron

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