Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Update on Last Week Big Toys Haul

Remember my big toys haul from 10 days ago (see post here:

part of last week haul

Well I have already made some sales on eBay. I still haven't list everything (although I did quite a good job of trying to not let the "not listed" pile growing) and I haven't sell everything that I have listed, but so far I sold for $135 worth of toys from that haul. Including a few ELC, some of the vintage Star Wars figures and a few LPS and Playmobil. Still many things to list and some of what I listed have not yet sold.

Very happy so far with this bunch of toys. Oh and I haven't told you yet what I found in a charity shop yesterday. You'll have to wait tomorrow for it. But I can tell you it's yellow, it's Fisher Price and it's vintage. Anyone want to make a guess? It's something I had when I was a kid and I have been dying to get one but they are quite expensive on eBay (especially when you factor in the shipping cost to Europe). Make a guess....

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