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Friday, February 10, 2017

Best & Most Interesting Finds of 2016 Part 2

Part two of some of my favorite 2016 ebay sales (part one here in case you missed it)

A Mickey Mouse Disney's Duvet Cover (European Release) sold for $58. Paid 3 euros (around $5). I have good success selling bed sheets, duvet covers and the likes. I stick to kid's stuff. I may need to expend!

This fantastic piece of french architecture sold for $48. Not a big huge profit because I paid 33$ for it but I had no use for this one (bought two, kept one) so off it went.

A fun and cute Snoopy t-shirt, vintage, European release. Sold for $13, paid $2

 This old Edwardian dress clip sold for $16, paid a bit less than $2

These The Art Company Shoes sold well for $55 (I paid less than $5). This is a brand that I look for (along with my other favorite brands of shoes to sell on eBay)

 Biche de Bere necklace. A brand that always sells well for me. I buy this designer whenever I can find some pieces. Paid 15 euros (around $20) and sold for $110

 This pair of typical French Pastis tall glasses sold for $18. Paid less than $0.50 each

Another bed sheet. From the 70's with all the favorite Disney character (Mickey, Pluto etc). Paid less than $2 sold for $58

This hard to find international exclusive My Little Pony sold for $32. Paid around $1 for it.

 And one last because this one is by far my favorite find of the year. An absolutely fabulous vintage fitted sheet with Disney's beloved Snow White and her prince. Sold for $125. Paid less than $2

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