Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sunday's Yard Sales Finds March 12th 2017

Toys and more toys! Good deal overall. Bought several My Little Pony, a bunch of Littlest Pet Shop, plenty of Playmobil. Most were in bags/lots and were mixed with random toys. These no brands toys will be sold in lots on local ads. I'll also unload the LPS structure and low value pets locally. Also bought a bunch of epiphany feves (tiny porcelain figures).

I spend around 25$ for everything. Should be easy to make a profit. I'll sell the best stuff individually and make lots for the rest.

Playmobil dog and pony show
Littlest pet shop lot and accessories
some MLP

The feves sells ok, I did nicely before Christmas with the French epiphany creche/santon ones. These little tiny porcelain figures are quite collectible.

French epiphany feves

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