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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Update #2 on the Big Toy Haul And Some Recent Finds

Some of the recent finds come from either charity shop or other online venues.

I found some interesting bed sheets, some toys, a few necklaces (Scooter Paris brand) and little knickknacks. I have to admit that I look forward to the warmer weather that rhymes with more yard sales. But still, charity shops do hold some treasures and scouring online shops and online auctions can also worth the time (but the deal are usually not as good because of the shipping part, so one needs to make sure the total will still be profitable). 

Just a few pictures of recent finds, no everything is included. Note that I already have sold the vintage Tom & Jerry flat bed sheet for $88. Haven't list the rest yet.

Vintage French Disney Bed Sheets Bambi Snow White
Vintage French Disney Snow White Bed Sheet & Vintage French Bambi Bed Sheet

Vintage smurf mustard glass
Vintage 80's The Smurfs Glasses (Amora and Maille mustard brand)
scooter paris necklaces
Some nice Scooter Paris Necklaces

Vintage Rare Tom & Jerry Bed sheet
Vintage Tom & Jerry Bed Sheet


A recap of the big toys haul I bought a few weeks ago (see post here: http://www.myyardsalefinds.com/2017/02/2017-ebay-toys-haul.html)?) 

Since my first recap (here: http://www.myyardsalefinds.com/2017/02/update-on-last-week-big-toys-haul.html)  I sold $254 more so I am up to $401. Still a few toys to list and some I listed haven't sold yet. So yes that was a nice buy.

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