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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

When in Doubt Buy Littlest Pet Shop Dogs

Went to 2 yard sales on Sunday and boy it was bad. One of them was quite large and labeled as "yard sale, craft fair and antiques".... it was a very junky sale with stuff that looked stolen and scraps sellers. As for the craft part, unless old dusty velvet paintings can be labeled as craft, I'm still looking.  I was expecting pottery, glass and jewelry from local artisans. Very very disappointing.

I went there by train and tram so I was lucky to stumbled upon some LPS dogs to pay for all my fees. Great Dane 817 should pay all expense and leave me with a tiny profit.

So once again these Littlest Pet Shop saved the day.

You know the feeling: you've traveled  a while to reach a yard sale or two only to find junk and useless stuff. You are feeling pressed to at least cover your gas/transportation and end up picking anything that you think can sell. But often all this does is adding to your daily bill and junk pile you can't sell. Been there done that. Now if I find LPS at a bad sale, I take them or some of them. Usually, a single good one covers my fees (train, gas or subway). Look for dogs and cats. Even better, familiarize yourself with the good ones or make a list and bring it with you.

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