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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Small But Easy Profit: Today's eBay Haul and how to clean Petshops

Nothing that big in today's haul but all money makers and pretty easy to ship (except for the mugs that requires a bit more packing work).

I have a lot of Petshops including some accessories. Some of the LPS are good money maker, and even the cheaper ones eventually sell.

I will need to clean some of them, water is an enemy because they have a metal spring in the neck to make the bobble-head and kids like to play with them in the water. When they do you end up with rusty neck. How do I clean rusty Littlest Petshop necks: lemon juice mixed with salt. Works great and doesn't affect the colors and paint like chemicals will do. Just make sure the lemon juice is pure and doesn't contain water. For the overall stains and occasional marks, usually a magic eraser will do the job. You can buy cheap ones on Amazon here (affiliate link). The cheap ones don't last as long as the name brands but they are as effective.

I also found a bunch of Fisher Price Little Peoples as well as an Elena picnic set complete (also by FP).

Bought some clothes for the kids and I . They may or may not end up on ebay. Will see. These aren't in the picture.

My daily haul

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