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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Misspelled Brands on Craiglist Can equal Great Profit

When I browse small ads online, I always search for misspelling. My logic: if someone is looking to buy Petshops like I do to flip, they won't necessarily be searching for misspelled keywords. When I look for Petshop to flip, one of the keyword I use is "Petshups"(and a few others). Usually these ads have less views and it ups your chance to find some good lots.

That's what happened this weekend. I got two awesome Petshop lots, both ads were misspelled.
First seller had a complete set of "Around the World" Petshop (the first set) for $11 as well as a small accessories lot that included the cute Halloween black cat in a pumpkin for $4.50.

From another seller I got a mix toy lot with a complete Outdoor Adventure 2 set LPS, many Ponyville My Little Pony and some flocked Hello Kitty figurines. Seller gave me a super cute, large, Hello Kitty bubble bath container.

ebay flip misspelled titles
Small ads haul to flip on ebay
Also found 2 MIB MyScene dolls

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