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Friday, November 7, 2014

Make The Most Of Random Playmobil Pieces With Custom Sets

Playmobil always performs well on eBay because it is one of those toys that sells in a box, without a box and even as a incomplete set . Even single, tiny accessories can make money, vintage or not. This is encouraging for all of us that buy lots of Playmobil at yard sales; however, it is far too easy to end up with too much stuff and be stuck with things that cannot be sold separately, either because of high shipping costs or a lack of interest on characters are just not sought after or sets with that vital, collectible piece missing. 

So how do you make the most of all those random pieces you cannot sell on their own?

You may think those unloved characters and buildings are doomed to sit in a cupboard but they can be given new life and value quite easily. What I do when I end up with those characters and accessories that just won't sell well is I make custom sets! Look at what you have hidden in your collection and use your imagination to make some fun, themed sets with a difference. They can be big or small, realistic or outlandish, and you could even make your own version of a popular movie. The important thing is to experiment and have fun!

Need an example to help you get started?

As Christmas is around the corner, this is perfect time to share a story about one of my own custom sets. Recently I found myself stuck with a few nice animals that didn't really belong anywhere and couldn't really be sold separately because they were quite heavy, meaning shipping them as single items was pretty much out of the question. Those three animals were a donkey, ox and dromedary camel – very different animals with one instant connection that I could let my imagination run away with. And so my custom Nativity themed set was born and, with the extra touch of some cute little angel girls, I was able to put a product titled "Playmobil Lot Christmas Nativity Scene Decorations Angels Ox Donkey Dromedary" up for sale to see who might be interested. Thankfully, the venture paid off and it sold. 

Playmobil nativity set
My little custom Playmobil nativity set: a good start for a complete nativity manger scene

I partly put this success down to good timing because people were starting to shop for Xmas d├ęcor at that point and I offered them something fun and unique. Of course creating custom sets from Playmobil is not just for Christmas; once you start thinking creatively you can take advantage of all the various holidays throughout the year. Christmas themed sets may be the more obvious choice but with some time and thought you can also make Halloween theme sets, or perhaps Easter or Thanksgiving ones.

Dig out all those pieces you had given up on and look at them again with a fresh eye.

Hopefully this has inspired you to try out some custom sets of your own and see those random mismatched pieces in a more positive light. You will be amazed at what can sell; I have made a few sets over the last two years and all have sold! What odds and ends of Playmobil sets do you have that can be put together to form something new and interesting for families this holiday season? You may just surprise yourself with the results.

Custom Playmobil forest scene with animals

Playmobil Roman Camp
A custom Playmobil Roman camp with tent, horse, legionaries and centurion 


  1. This is a brilliant idea, Nathalie. I've seen it done for Lego and Duplo but had not thought of doing so with Playmobil, which makes a lot of sense and I've some odds and ends somewhere. Your custom nativity is sweet -- did it take long to sell? If not, I would have priced it higher. You could carve out a niche making custom sets.

  2. Brenda, it sold rather fast. I had to find a reasonable price because shipping was not cheap. Including shipping the buyer paid 23$

  3. Brenda the link to your store (from your comment) leads to a dead page. Let me see if I can fix this

  4. Ok it's not like on Wordpress, I cannot edit your url. So here's the url to your Playmobil selection: http://stores.ebay.com/Treasures-By-Brenda/Other-Toys-/_i.html?_fsub=5501129&_dmd=2&_nkw=playmobil