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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Favorite Brands of Shoes to Sell on eBay but don't call these BOLO Please

Personally I don't often buy shoes to flip BUT I never pass on these brands:

El Naturalista: an eco friendly shoes company from Spain, with made in Spain products
The Art Company: another Spain company with made in Spain shoes (from Italian leather)
Birkenstock : famous German brand, made in Germany
Arcus : high quality French brand with some made in France models
Timberland: quality sport/outdoor shoes and boots

These are high quality brands, showing great craftsmanship and made to last. They are not "fad" brands. They are pretty expensive to buy new and they'll fetch good prices pre-owned on eBay.

Shoes are not that easy to sell mainly because you have an extra component to the basic sale of a product: the size! These brands sell very well, but you need to be patient. Some I have sold within a few days a posting, some took up to 2/3 months. But all have sold.

Always make sure they are in good clean condition before buying them at yard sales. I always use buy now on them, and sometime I add best offer. The El Naturalista have always sold for my buy now (depending on the models, between 40$ and 75$. You need patience!), the Birkenstock, anywhere from 25$ to 50$.

I have no experience with other brands, these are the only one I currently buy to flip.

I know BOLO are popular, but I won't call them that. Different size and colors and models can't really be called BOLO. Unlike the rest of these so call "Be on the look out for" products, there is very little risk of saturating the market and have the price drop so low on them that it's not even worth bothering.

I know there are other good brands out there that sell well, but these are currently the one I have success with.

Here's a gallery of some shoes I sold over the last few years:

El Naturalista Ballet Flats

El Naturalista Rana Tharu

El Naturalista Duna

And some Birkenstock:


What is your favorite brand of shoes to flip online?


  1. I'd definitely add FINN a brand that is very well made and that welcomes orthotics, which more and more people seem to be wearing.

    1. Thank you Brenda! Not familiar with Finn brand, I'll check them out for sure.