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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Not Much Luck This Weekend At The Yard Sales

Worst ever yard sales I have ever come across. I'm not even sure I'll break even with the train/tram fees!

I went to 2 community sales yesterday. The first one was bad. Lots of cheap broken stuff. It was in a not so nice neighborhood, but still I was expecting at least a few decent toys.... nothing really unless broken sinks and faucets are your thing.

The second was not much better. Lots of clothes and baby stuff, but this is something I usually don't sell and a quick glance didn't make me want to buy. No good/fancy brands. lots of dirty stuff (seriously if you sell clothes at yard sale, wash them!!!)

At this time I was ready to come home empty handed and lighter of about 18$ in train/tram fees. It's part of the game, over the years I have always managed to come home with profit (most of the time a very nice one) or at least with enough to break even. Not this time, until I spotted the Playmobil carry away house. At the price (18$) any other day I would have pass, but this time I did not. I won't make much on it, but enough to at least cover a small % of my transportation fees. And the kids are allowed to play with it until I am ready to sell.

I plan to sell the empty house locally (I did sell one last year easily) and will list the parts and figures on eBay. I sold the last one for 10 euros (12$) and I should be able to get at least 20$ for the parts (selling them as replacement parts). Maybe a bit more.

Frankly not a good weekend, but it happens. I have enjoyed getting lost twice in Grenoble trying to find the right places! And I walk quite a bit, too bad I don't have a fitbit to keep track......

Playmobil carry away house
Playmobil saved the day...almost!

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