Thursday, May 29, 2014

Civic Holiday Walk in the Park and Yard Sale

Today was yet another civic holiday. I was too tired to get up early and go to the yard sale I targeted. And I was only mildly motivated because I knew in advance it would be mainly professional sellers. The site that list the daily community sales also gives the price it cost to rent a spot and also says if they accept professional sellers. The only one that seemed big enough today was quite expensive and open to pros, so I decided to sleep a bit longer.

yard sales finfs
Today's treasures

Then when everyone was up, we dressed the kids and head up to the sale very late, after 10h30. I did a very fast run, because I wanted to spend time with the kids in La Villette park. I end up buying 2 enameled door signs / plaques (one "toilette" and "cuisine": restroom and kitchen) and one Limoges porcelain door sign still in package.

I also bought for myself a lovely but battered vintage tin flower pot. Far from perfect but I love it. I always need planters anyway.

Here's a few pictures from Paris 19th:

Interesting Urban Decay in Paris

Fountain at Cité des Sciences

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