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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Community Yard Sale May 18th

This morning the yard sale I attended was right at home, so I didn't have to take the subway, which means I was there early. It was huge and I did two runs: when I started at 7h30 not everyone was there, so by the time I finished the first round at around 9, more sellers were installed. I walked from 7h30 to 11h30 and I found a lot cool pieces.

yard sale finds
Today's yard sale finds
The first things I bought was a plush teddy bear. I had no idea if it was or not a good pick, but when I saw it I knew it was good quality and it was clean. So I figure 1 euro ($1.50) was no big deal.  It's a Giorgio Beverly Hills bear and my instinct was good because they sell well. I also bought a Dumbo elephant from Nestle (these were premiums gifts in Europe). I do think I can sell it.

Giorgio Beverly Hills bear
Giorgio Beverly Hills 2006 Bear
There's no yard sale for me without some Littlest Pet Shop. I bought a storage case filled with 51 pet shops and lots of accessories. I haven't sorted them yet, but at the price I paid even if none of them are ultra rare I'll make a profit. I plan on selling the case and accessories as a lot, and then sell the figurines separately (or in small group for the cheap ones). Also bought some more Playmobil (I haven't even started sorting the pounds and pounds of them I found last week!)

lot of littlest pet shop
Big Lot Of Littlest Pet Shop
Remember the owl I found a few weeks ago? Well I found another one! Not sure what it is with them, they follow me everywhere. Found a porcelain trinket box, some miniature perfume bottles, a lovely miniature vase from Japan with Koi fish decor and a mug from Sandusky Ohio.

I also found a pair of Birkenstock women's sandal size 37 to resell. They are in excellent condition, I doubt they've been much used.

Birkenstock women's sandal in very nice pre-owned condition

I bought some more clothes and books for the kids and me, including a colorful tunic for the summer. I also found a Scooby Doo bed sheets set for my son who is a big fan. A Sherlock DVD as well. Oh and I never can have enough drinking glass, so I bough a pair of goldfish drinking glasses.

Oh and I ended up having to buy a bag to carry more stuff. Paid 1 euros ($1.50) for a lovely colorful handmade bag from Ecuador.


  1. Is the item with the 17th or 18th century couple a pill box? It is beautiful. Loving it very much :D

  2. Holly, more like a trinket box, too large for a pill box. it's cute and decorative and has 3 little legs on the bottom