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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Another Civic Holiday in France Means Yard Sales in the Middle of the Week!

Today May 8th is one of the three May's civic holidays in France: May 1st is Labor Day, May 8th is the 1945 Victory day and May 29 is Ascension. And day off means yard sales (and long week ends since the French loves to make "le pont" or bridge: many, husband included, will take a day off work tomorrow to enjoy a 4 days weekend..... yep 3 long weekends this month!).

So yes today I attended a yard sale in Paris 20th, not that large BUT a real yard sale without any pros (professional antique dealers). just real people and family selling off what is no longer needed. And let me tell you, I found so many nice things!!!

My Yard Sale finds

Bought books and clothes for the kids.

yard sale finds
Books I bought at the yard sale

Lots and lots and more Playmobil. I mean a lot. Really. Let's say many pounds of them in a large bag that includes lots and lots of vintage ones as well as many small sets such as the Romans, some circus ones, Egyptians and so much more! Oh and a nice sea dragon for the kid's bath (they'll have a surprise Sunday).

yard sale finds
Literally pounds of Playmobil with many older pieces

yard sale finds
Many Playmobil sets

Also found a Biche de Bere necklace (always a good buy, I didn't even haggle the price). A lovely enameled lunch box in a nice unusual color. I bought a large smurf figure (a McDonald's premium from 2002) and some mint in pack VHSC cassettes.

yard sale finds
Biche de Bere necklace, tapes and a lovely French enameled tin

After that, I met my husband at a near by metro station and we walk down Saint-Denis toward the Seine and Saint-Michel. We are enjoying 4 days without our kids (that were just too happy to go with their grandma).
Porte Saint Denis
Beautiful passage on the way to Saint-Michel

Target: The Great Canadian Pub in Paris for beers and club sandwich (burger for hubby). The Moosehead was delicious (been a long while I didn't drink a Canadian beer) but not cheap (but hey I was still on my birthday extended celebrations). Service was great, typical friendly Canadian staff. And hockey on TV (sadly not the Habs)

Canadian food in Paris
The Great Canadian Pub in Paris

Canadian beer in Paris
My Moosehead
Afterward we did walk some more and I went to a Tunisian pastry shop and bought a few delicious snacks:

Tunisian pastries
Tunisian pastries

More pictures from our day out:

La Tour de l'horloge

An Hector Guimard Metro Entrance (fabulous art nouveau design)

Details from Fontaine St Michel

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