Sunday, June 7, 2015

Hairless Playmobil Littlest Petshop with Accessories Books and More

This weekend ebay Haul includes a nice set of Playmobil Bunny at School, some decent Littlest Petshop with accessories, a My Little Pony puzzle, some old mid 70's Playmobil figurines a Levi's t-shirt, a fun and cute magnetic doll set and an old coat rack, very sweet.

Also bought some clothes for the kids and an amazing mint in box Crystal Growing kit (paid only 6$). I may sell it, or keep for my son. We'll see. Also 3 Nancy Drew books in French (I had those as a kid, trying to get a few more and test them on ebay).

Weekend's haul

old playmobil figurines
Hairless Playmobil!

Good, money money

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