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Sunday, June 14, 2015

An Unexpected Yard Sale

It was unexpected. The kids and I went downtown because there was a cycling race and a few small attractions for kids. And there was also some people selling stuff. It was advertise as a craft/handmade fair, but there was quite a few people selling stuff from their home.

I score some good Littlest Petshop including 2 collies, 1 dachshund and 1 great Dane! Paid 1$ each. The others are ok too and I have good success selling the cheaper LPS.

Also bought a fun pair of Mustang clogs with flower print upper. And a cute wooden necklace, very colorful. I'll try selling it and if it doesn't sell, I'll keep! Also some little people animals, not a huge profit but they do sell. I usually wait until I have a few to make small lots.

Rare Littlest Petshop from yard sale

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