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Monday, June 1, 2015

By Bus Train and Tramway I went Yard Sailing

Last eBay haul from May 2015

Yep this weekend I went to Grenoble for some yard sales. Woke up early, took the bus then the tram once in Grenoble, and came back home by train. It was well worth the trip and cash I paid for public transports. I'll make a profit and not too bad either. Plus it's so fun, I can't wait for the next weekend.

My favorite find was this old tin box depicting jousting French knights. Lovely colors and theme (not to mention the fleur de lys that seems to be a popular iconographic image).

vintage tin box with knights
Vintage tin box with knights

Also found 3 Gothic puzzles (one mint in box), 1000 and 1500 pieces, 2 from Victoria Frances art pieces. Pretty Gothic girls are still in demands. paid $12 for the lot of 3.

Some pink leather (yay!!) Timberland boots and cute vintage clips for curtains .

pink leather Timberland boots
Pink Timberlands

And guess what, more Petshop figurines and one big house. I never buy the houses because usually they are too expensive or annoying to ship but this one was very cheap. Paid 6$ for the house and 6 pets (including one of the expensive Great Dane). So cashling cashling!!! Will sell the pets on ebay and the house locally. Also found a bunch of other petshops during the weekend. People's price are all over the place. I saw someone trying to sell them for 2,50 each (I work that down to 3 for 5$ since there was a good great dane to be picked). By the end of the weekend, I ended up paying close to 1$ each, so that's the average price I pay when I know they are good sellers.

rare littlest petshops from yard sales
LPS Great Dane, Collie and more good ones

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