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Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Worst eBay Pick This Year

We all have our duds hidden somewhere in our eBay inventory. Some of them just won't sell, whatever we do. In my case, this year bad pick is a somewhat good looking necklace by my favorite designer. I have a lot of success selling this designer's necklaces. They sell like hot cakes. Except this one:

Biche de Bere M'Buti necklace
Designer Choker Necklace by Biche de Bere Limited Edition M'Buti Rare Unique

It took  a little over a year to sell, and nowhere near what I priced it originally. Oh I made a profit, albeit a small one, but still I was expecting this necklace to be one of my good find. So what went wrong here?

First, the photos. My first set of photos, without a dummy, were..... err bad. Although all my other necklaces were selling nonetheless, this one was not looking good with my way of taking pics. I did redo the pictures later on and the look was much better. Still, no taker.

Second, the style of the necklace. Not the kind of thing you can wear at work, everyday. It does affect the number of potential buyers I guess.

Third my asking price (before I add a best offer). Over 100$. this is a limited edition necklace, from a well known French jewelry designer (Biche de Bere) and I am usually pretty good at pricing them. They sell usually very fast, with no best offer. I was off with this one.

Anyway I sold it for $60 (and paid $32). I usually don't pay that much for my Biche de Bere jewelry, but I thought this one was hot.....

Biche de Bere M'Buti necklace
The "before" pic

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