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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Disney's Puzzles Littlest Petshop and Fisher Price Little People

Went to 2 yard sales this Sunday. The first was a waste of time mostly, but the second one was great. I score a bag of littlest Pet Shop and accessories for 6$, 3 Little People farm animals, 2 Disney Princess puzzles, some clothes for my daughter and a cool teen t-shirt with a vintage tattoo print on it.

Price were pretty low, lower then I usually pay for LPS so although I didn't score any biggies, the profit is there anyway. I never bother with LPS accessories before, but after checking eBay I realize they do sell, So I might do small lots of accessories such as bones, LPS food, LPS teddy bears etc.

Some of the Littlest Pet Shop

LPS, Disney and Fisher Price

Cutie long sleeve t-shirt with tattoo print

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