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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Fabulous Toys Find at my First Outdoor yard Sale of the Season

Sun and warm weather! It was fun to finally attend an outdoor sale, the first of the year. And it was a good one! really really good one.

I bought a bit lot of Playmobil, some littlest petshop (including a collie), a Monster High plush, a cool handbag that I will probably keep and some clothing for my daughter.

The Playmobil were the most interesting finds this time. I got LOAD and LOADS of them. I paid 38$ for all those Playmobil! Includes are some from the Victorian sets, Fairies, Princess, Forest, Mermaids. Also many older ones including the astronauts. Lots of horses, Indians, cowboys. Work ahead, but it will be fun. I plan on making some custom Playmobil sets, sell some parts alone, and make small unrelated lots.There was also many sets in boxes, but as you can guess I wasn't alone grabbing everything they could!

Here's a few picture of today's haul:

ebay haul 2015

My best 2015 yard sale haul so far

Big bag of Playmobil for sale

Big bag of Playmobil for sale. Photo just doesn't cut it, there are hundreds and hundreds of pieces in there!

Littlest Petshop at yard sale

Some Littlest Petshop

good yard sale finds

Some more Playmobil and a Monster High Draculaura's pet plush

Playmobil forest animals

Forest animals Playmobil

Cool bag I will keep!

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