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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Yes You Can Make Profit by Breaking up New in Box Products

Approximately 18 months ago I bought a mint in box Harry Potter porcelain breakfast set by Johnson Brothers. It was heavy, expensive to ship, and it did sit in my store for months and months and months. I listed it as a MIB set. The shipping on this was crazy, so as months go by, I kept lowering my price.

Then I decided to open the box, and list the 3 porcelain pieces seperatly. 1 mug, 1 bowl and 1 plate.
All sold within 3 months. And I made more money because the shipping was not so bad so people were actually interested. I sold everything for $50 (paid 10$).

I am not saying you should do this on every MIB products you come around. most of the time, MIB is going to be worth more as is than if you open up and sell the products all by themselves seperatly. But sometimes it does make sense.

Harry Potter Johnson Bros Porcelain Set
Too heavy, too expensive to ship

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