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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

2016 on eBay: Yard Sales Branching Out and the Eggs in the Same Basket Thing

I've been wanting to do my first post of 2016 for a little while, but honestly I have been quite busy after New Year. On eBay my focus was to update listings with the new shipping costs, as well as changing most of my  delivery options to avoid the new defects coming up in February (I will do a post, here or another blog about what I think of the new defect system, but not today). I also have been busy listing new stuff.

On the yard sale front, it's dead right now, but it will pickup starting next weekend. So hopefully I'll manage to hit one sale a week from now on. If not, I am browsing local ads, local online sites and my local eBay site to find inventory. I have a rather decent success with that (more about my January finds in another post later this week).

I am very slowly adding clothing to my online store. I used to be very successful with that in the early to mid 2000. But eventually stopped selling clothes (for no particular reasons). But recently I have started looking for them at church sales and other charity shops around where I live and I am finding decent brands often in close to new condition, so why not. One of my first try was highly successful so I am taking the plunge. I will mainly focus on like-new or very very good condition known brands and high quality clothes. Nothing too complicated to list either.

Here's the lovely wool knit sweater I sold for $70 (paid less than $8 for it). It's an high end brand made in France called Saint James. They specialized in Mariniere (French knit wool sweater, usually with stripes) and other  nautical garments. Very high quality, made in France.

Saint James Wool Sweater
Now the basket thing. Although eBay is making good changes to the defect system put in place by the much hated ex-SEO "JD", I still think it should be on everyone's agenda to start listing elsewhere. Stay on ebay, but don't keep all your eggs there. Personally I am on other sites since many years (as far as 2002) and I will keep exploring new avenues including my own store (Shopify comes to mind, but I am not set yet).

I wish everyone a profitable year 2016! Stay tuned for this year eBay hauls!

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