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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Good Online Finds To Flip on eBay

January is usually a pretty dead month for yard sales, charity sales and community sales, especially here where it's cold. So I have been sourcing online, including on ebay. And I did find some nice profit making toys.

Among my purchase is a MIP My Little Pony Midnight in Canterlot set for 25$ (yes not cheap but it's going to be an easy flip). I plan on listing it on eBay eventually. They go for over 80$ on Amazon, so I am pretty confident I can make a decent profit.

Also I did source a lot of MLP and Littlest Pet Shop for cheap. Including some Mint in Package (such as a LPS advent Calendar). I bought many lots as well, with decent LPS pets and ponies and a lot of accessories. Even when I factor in the shipping on these lot, there is a good profit to be made. I do check ebay and other online marketplace daily to find the good lots and so far I am doing really well and I don't plan stopping when the yard sale season start!

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