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Friday, October 7, 2016

Big Toys Haul This Week End

Perfect for the up coming Christmas! I found loads of toys this weekend. Dirt cheap too. The Playmobil sets are pretty nice and should sell easily. Fairies are cute and will make a nice gift for a little girl. I still buy the Littlest Pet Shop when they are cheap enough, the market is slowly dying thanks to the Chinese seller loading eBay with cheap knockoffs (http://www.myyardsalefinds.com/2014/11/fake-littlest-pet-shop-sold-on-ebay-by.html).

I bought many My Little Pony too, they don't move very fast for the most part but they were so cheap that it doesn't matter. Also some Pokemon finger puppets (10 cents each), some Polly Pockets, Pinypon and Disney stuff.

My favorite find is a nice French porcelain bathroom set with soap box, wall hanger, toothbrush holder and a pair of door plates. This set will most likely go on Etsy.

I also like the Naf Naf fox pajamas! Very cute but not my size. Whimsical enough to sell ok.

Oh and I love that little pink bag with horses, should do well too, very cute!

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