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Monday, October 24, 2016

Two Weeks Worth of Toys... Mostly

Toys toys toys. I am drowning in them! The last two weekends sales were very very good!

I score loads of toys and for very very very cheap.

Lots of My Little Pony, including many International exclusives (sold two already for 25$ and 32$ which cover around 75% of what I spend during these two weekends).

Lots of Littlest Pet Shop (I do not buy unless there are dirt cheap now. I use to buy whatever I find, but now the market is saturated and filled with fakes from China selling for 1 cent... They still sell, but instead of selling a few per days, I sell a few per weeks. It's a shame that eBay help China ruin the market). The houses I will sell locally. I paid 18$ for the house, the car and all the Petshops and accessories shown in photo #2. Most of it will be covered by the sale of the empty house and car.

I also bought some nice Playmobil including some with the box. I may sell them in set or break them and sell by pieces, depending on what they are worth sometime it is better to sell piece by piece.

The nice tin box with cats and dogs should sell well too.

I bought some more vintage Disney bed sheets and duvet cover. I haven't finish listing the others I found a few weeks ago, but the one I listed sold for 58$ (from that sale, the one with the classic Dinsey characters: http://www.myyardsalefinds.com/2016/09/treasure-hunting-with-kids.html)

Luckily the kids are off school for the 2 weeks fall holidays and they are visiting mom in law for at least a week so I can focus on listing all these babies!

Toys toys and toys

1 comment:

  1. Look at these colors! I love these ponies, they're so cute. The pics make me want to get all of them even though I'm a grownup child, hehe.