Sunday, June 1, 2014

I Picked the Wrong Yard Sale Today

I went to 2 community yard sales today. Yard sales are a gamble and this time I lost. I picked the wrong one to go first. That happens, not much we can do. The second one was better but by the time I got there, it was almost impossible to browse and see anything, there was so many people! I still end up with some Littlest pet shop and Playmobil. Very thin haul, but better then nothing.

Today's yard sale finds


  1. I smile now whenever I see that you have found some Playmobil but I am happy to let you know that I found some at the thrift store last week. Most of it seems unsaleable though I did get a pirate ship that I will be selling.

  2. Pirate ship should do well, it's a quite popular set. I hope it sells well and fast :)