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Monday, June 9, 2014

Another Civic Holiday Another Community Yard Sale

Today is Pentecost Monday, another civic holiday In France. So I went to a community yard sale near Place de La Bastille.

Place d'Aligre yard sale

I was greeted by a stinky smell. The place (Place d'Aligre) was smelly (urine, old fish... I don't know but it was a stink. Good it did not last once I got use to it). I got there late because there was a big thunderstorm early in the morning so I figured nobody would put their stuff early under the rain. Got there at 9:30 and people were just starting to display their stuff.

Found a few things but not much. Some people had crazy prices: 20 euros ($27) for old dirty shoes, 3 euros ($4) for a chipped mug. Another lady had Playmobil priced close to what they sell for new in box. Not sure what people are thinking. When I sell at garage sale I price very low to move my stuff and thin the clutter.

garage sale finds
my yard sale finds

I bought 2 silk ties. Last time I bought some (see here) I ended up selling 2 of them pretty fast for a good profit. One sold for $20 and the other for $25 once I factor in the fees and free shipping I offered I am at $26 net profit with one silk tie yet to sell. Not bad at all. So I pick 2 more ties today, one with owls and one cute blue and yellow with Scottie dogs. Less than $1.50 each.

silk tie with scottie dogs
close up of the silk ties

I picked 2 kid's t-shirt: one Disney Paris Pirates of the Caribbeans and one Batman Live Tour. Also pick a lovely and limited edition, new with tag, Herman Dune for Petit Bateau shirt.

Herman Dune shirt
Herman Dune shirt

Also found a set of Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince) rubber stamps set in original box. Let's see if it sells.

And last, my gaffe (my "oopsie") of the day, a mint in box vintage Danish Christmas set with candles and napkins. I broke one of the 2 candles. Ugh.... but it was less then $1.50 I'll try to sell it. If it doesn't I will sell the napkins for crafters, keep the candle for next Christmas and use the box for packaging something.

vintage Christmas napkins
I broke it!

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