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Sunday, June 15, 2014

This Weekend Ebay Haul

I went to two community sales this weekend, one on Saturday and another today. Saturday's sale was located right next to les grands magasins (Galeries Lafayette and Le Printemps).

Although it was announced as a garage sale, it was mostly professional sellers (those are easy to spot by the type of merchandises and prices they have. You can still find good stuff for resale with them, but when I go to a yard sale, I expect to buy from regular moms and pops, no pros).

And today's sale was a real community sale near Montparnasse cemetery. It was big enough, I was tired and leaved early without going to another sale I had spotted.

Here's this weekend eBay haul:

I found the Seinfeld DVD for my own collection. I have been wanting to buy them for a long while (they are in one of my favorite list on Amazon, but I never did buy them). I was thrilled and I'm looking forward to watch that show again. what a classic!

I also bought 5 comic books for my son upcoming birthday: Yoko Tsuno (a first edition), 3 Melusine the witch and one Gaston Lagaffe.

First Edition of Yoko Tsuno #8 Les Titans

For resale I found my weekly pair of Birkenstock (Rio in dark purple). Birkenstock shoes sells very well. Make sure you buy them in nice condition, not too much wear and you are in for a sale. I also found 2 Playmobil sets (including Playmobil 5102 mint in box). One mint in package Lego Hero Factory.

Playmobil with box: always a good buy

More Birkenstock sandals to sell on eBay

I also bought some t-shirts, including a Smurfette tank, a Miss Piggy t-shirt and a DKNY long sleeve black t-shirt. I don't sell a lot of clothes on eBay lately, been out of the loop a bit, not sure if they'll do well but they were dirt cheap so I can always unload them in a few years when I do my own garage sale.

Smurfette Tank Top

I also bought a pair of old cardboard print depicting fashionable ladies. These were promotional stuff given out buy shops. I do think they can sell, they are very decorative and large.

Following yesterday sale, I meet with hubby, the kids and their uncle and aunt and we went to the Bois de Vincennes to show the Chateau to the kids. Afterward we had some nice burgers in a pub.

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