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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Today's Finds: Harry Potter Johnson Bros. Dinner Set and Much More

Today's sale was in a very nice area of Paris I never visited before: "La Butte aux Cailles", near Place D'Italie. Lovely place with lots of small street. Too bad I did not take my camera. Next time I'll bring one.

yard sale finds
Lots of shoes and Harry Potter finds today
It didn't started too well. When I got there around 8 it was raining, but the sellers were there, LOTS of them on many streets in that neighborhood. I quickly found what might end up being my best pick of the day: a Johnson Brothers Harry Potter 3 pieces dining set, in box. To be honest I had no idea if it was good or not, I paid 7 euros ($9.50) for it. Not cheap but it was a calculated gamble. My thinking was that it will make a nice set for my son if it's worthless. Plus we can't get enough mugs, can we? I also got an Harry Potter Quidditch Mug for 1 euro ($1.35).

Harry Potter Johnson Bros. Dinner Set
Harry Potter Johnson Bros. Dinner Set

Harry Potter Quidditch mug
Quidditch mug

Found some nice shoes for my daughter, I especially like the little girly boots. These will be for September when she starts school. I also got a great deal on some El Naturalista shoes, unfortunately not my size otherwise I would keep them. I am a BIG fan of El Naturalista, the eco friendly shoes made in Spain. I even wrote a page about them here: http://www.squidoo.com/el-naturalista-shoes. Anyway these should sell well, it's a nice pair of ankle strap Rana Tharu in brown. Also found another pair of Birkenstock.

El Naturalista Rana Tharu
El Naturalista Rana Tharu

And last, found some lovely cute Martine books for girls. They are like new and I remember them from when I was young. This series is quite famous and well known. The first book was published in 1954. The lavish illustrations are what makes them stand out I think. I'll see if there is a market for them in the USA.

Well that's it for today. Tomorrow is Monday, and guess what? YES! Another French civic holidays and there is a community sale. Wish me luck.


  1. I want to go yard sale-ing with you in Paris! How exciting. Every day must be an adventure!

    I am aware of those Harry Potter dishes from Johnson Brothers but I have never seen one on my thrifting adventures.

    This weekend I purchased on my yardsale adventures in suburban Ottawa a Hagrid collectible figure from 2001 but it is not very sought after. However, it has nudged me to list a Harry Potter comforter that is definitely a harder-to-find item & therefore more valuable.

  2. Harry Potter collectibles seem to still do well. Hope the comforter does well for you!

    Yard sale-ing in Paris is fun, but crowded. I get to see neighborhood I would not visit otherwise and discover place I want to visit again (without the yard sale crowd!)