Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Free Stuff I sold on eBay

I love Cyrillus, an high end French boutique for clothes and home accessories. They have lovely fashion for the kids, so whenever they ran some sales I do buy there. They have a reward system (point based) and you can turn your points into some goodies. They also have special offers where they'll send you a gift when you spend a pre-set amount of money.

Last spring I got two free gifts after I placed an order and sold both on ebay.

These cute bowls sold for 35$ (free shipping)

Cyrillus porcelain bowls
Cyrillus cute pastel porcelain bowls

And this set of cosmetic bags sold for 12$ (free shipping)

Cyrillus cosmetic bag
Cyrillus cosmetic bags

Once I take out the shipping cost, I have 30$ left, not too bad for stuff I got for free.

More free things to sell on ebay

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