Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Charity Shops Finds

It's been a long time I haven't hit a charity shop for inventory. Never did that a single time while I was living in Paris. Now that I have moved, I found a small charity shop near my apartment so I went and check things out. It's mainly clothes, shoes and bags. I picked a few t-shirts and a bag (by Dark Dudes). Will see if I can sell those. T-shirts by Oxbow, RipCurl and The Muppets.

T-shirts from charity shops

How do you feel about buying from charity shops for reselling? Here's my thoughts: Reselling from Charity Shops for a profit


  1. I would think vintage Muppets t-shirts to be very collectible. I'm not sure how mass produced the newer ones'll have to report back with your results.

  2. Brenda, It's on my "to list" pile right now, so unless the kids make me too busy it should be online over the weekend. Will post the results. It's a Muppet Animal t-shirt and this character seems to be quite popular. We'll see!