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Friday, October 31, 2014

Last Weekend Yard Sale Finds

Really not much! Went to 2 brocante/vide-grenier in Paris. Both were mainly antique dealer type with only a few being moms and dads selling their stuff.

Found a neat vinyl raincoat. I used to do extremely well selling old vintage vinyl raincoat back in the early 2000's. Some fetching very high price. There was a market for them...... Not sure if the market is still hot these days. But it was a cute piece so I figure I should manage to sell it eventually.

Also found some Littlest Pet Shop again, including Dachshund #1491. I paid more than my usual point price for the lot but the Dachshund alone will cover my expenses and leave me with a nice profit.

Yard sale season is pretty much over, with a few exceptions. I'll need to source elsewhere this winter. Already looking up the local craiglist-style site and still buying stuff from a few France only sites to flip on eBay.com

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