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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Look What I Found!

Look at that! Found that next to the trash a few weeks ago. I know it doesn't look like much. At first glance, just a pile of old broken picture frames. I picked them up anyway to have a closer look... and am I glad I did.

My treasures

First there are a few I can use. I will up-cycle them. Some still have their glasses and are usable as is. Good for me.

The two tiny one I can sell. They are nice and decorative. Not a huge profit, but easy work. The large one, oval, with the rose flower should sell as well. Very shabby, just need a nice paint job a bit of lace or ribbon to hide the 2 missing flowers on the side. Someone crafty will snatch that I'm sure.

And then, in the middle of the pile.... a very old daguerreotype photo from a Parisian photographer named Pillas. Mid 19th century. It's a very lovely looking photo of a young woman wearing a nice gown and necklace. I'll probably list this one in auction. Daguerreotype can sell well, we'll see.

trash sold on ebay
Daguerreotype by photographer Pillas in Paris

Here's the most recent daguerreotypes sold on ebay, with price realized: daguerreotype price realized

Don't discard trash picking! You never know. Although technically it wasn't really trash picking since it wasn't in the bin, it is still the trash of someone else.


  1. Love these kinds of finds, as you just never know what someone else might like.

  2. What's the saying? "one man's trash another man's treasure"!