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Friday, October 17, 2014

More Littlest Pet Shop at yard sales this Weekend

Went to a pretty large community sale this Sunday and once again came back with my fair share of good Littlest Pet Shop.

In the lot I found the K-Mart exclusive house with pet shop #1655 to 1663. It is missing two pets, but I have already bought them cheap on the French ebay site so I am looking now at a complete set minus a few of the accessories.

Also the lot included other pets and accessories. Including the valentine special dachshund dog #556

Also bought a game called Fairy Land because of the beautiful artwork of the cards inside. It was dirst cheap so even if I don't sell it I can keep it for the kids. One never have enough games at home anyway!

Found a 50 cents European fast food premium Simpson's mug. We'll see.

And bought a French audiobook: 20000 leagues under the sea. A classic.

Thanks to the LPS once again despite my expenses (train and tram both ways) I will pull a profit.

ebay haul
My ebay haul

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