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Saturday, November 22, 2014

2 biche de Bere Necklaces Sold on eBay

These are the two first Biche de Bere necklaces that I sold on eBay. I found them at a yard sale and had no idea who what was Biche de Bere at the time. But they were nice and at 8$ each it was not a big gamble. I love the style so I figured I could always wear them if they are not sellable.

Both sold for $29.99 each. I could have priced them higher, but as I said I was a bit unfamiliar with the designer but now I know better.

Since September 2012 I have sold around two dozens of Biche de Bere necklaces and I am always on the hunt for them.

Biche de bere necklace sold on ebay
Biche de Bere "hedgehog" necklace

Biche de bere necklace sold on ebay
Biche de Bere necklace with orange beads

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