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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

French Cafe Au Lait Bowl Coffee Chocolate Bowl Purple Polka Dots Cute

Real genuine and vintage café au lait bowls do sell well, and this one was very original with its purple polka dots! Although it was unmarked and had some tiny flea bits on the rim, it still sold for $34.99 to a Japanese buyer. With airmail shipping added, it wasn't cheap of course but she was very very pleased with it. A very unique French café au lait coffee bowl indeed.

I always look up for them in brocantes, vides-greniers and online, but they are rarely cheap. This one wasn't cheap either but I knew it was unique enough (purple polka dots) for me to make a profit. I paid around 15$ for it. It took me some times to list it, but once it was it sold very fast!

Here's the precious:

vintage French cafe au lait purple bowl
My beautiful café au lait bowl went to japan!

polka dots cafe au lait bowl
Polka dots coffee bowl


Some little flea bites

Some more flea bites

If it's unique enough it will sell. If you spot cafe au lait bowls and are unsure if they are worth it, look under it. If the bowl has a mark it can help, especially if it's the Sarreguemines there are plenty of Sarreguemines collectors around. Otherwise if unmarked or a mark you are not familiar with, make sure it as a nice design: fruits and flowers sell well, so are the ones with polka dots.

Here's a few recent price realized on eBay: Vinatge French Cafe Au Lait Bowls

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