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Saturday, November 29, 2014

One of my Best Find This Year

I can't believe my luck. This one has been sitting on a French small ads website (a cross between eBay and Craiglist) for a few weeks and no one snatched it! Why? Thanks to the seller who used no keywords in title, no pet number and uploaded a bad picture. His title was "bag with a pet shop".

So for 12$ I can now flip (when I find the time) this Littlest Pet Shop #1542 Collie Dog mint in package with all the original tags attached.

I love selling Pet Shop: easy to list easy to ship!

Here's my precious (sorry bad pic, will make a better one of course when I list on ebay). Still mine is much better then the one the seller used, no wonder it did not sell fast! Or I am just lucky......

 Littlest Pet Shop #1542
 Littlest Pet Shop #1542