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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Stupid Me Going To A Toy Sale With Not Enough Cash!

My toy ebay haul: lots of  Pet Shop again!

It finally happened! I usually hit yard sales with plenty of cash in small bills and loads of coins (best way not to miss any good deal... you know, not all sellers are prepared and have enough change for large bills).

This morning I didn't bring as much as I usually do and well I had to leave one small inexpensive lot of Lego Fabuland. Good thing is that I was able to pick one of the 2 sets. Lesson learned, next time I bring as much as usual, even more! Fortunately, I manage to buy everything else I wanted.

Lego Fabuland raccoon and bear

It was yet another toys/kids sale. I picked a lot of Littlest Pet Shop, a small lot of vintage Lego Fabuland (with 6 figurines) and a very fun board game by Haba. It's a ghost game, in English it is called "Shiver-stone Castle". Bought the French version. I was going to keep it for the kids but I might end up selling it. Looks like an hard to find game and fun too. It's the final haunting exam at ghost school and the little ghost must scare as many people as he can. The board comes with a magnetic ghost that can be moved around with a magnet underneath the board. Very very cool!

The little ghost haunting Shiver-Stone castle

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